[05.04 – 11.04.09] Happy Coaster with Vekoma

The Tour

Happy Coaster with Vekoma was my first real amusement park tour I’ve planned. In retrospective, it was quite astonishing that, apart from some wanderings through Belgium, everything went smoothly. At the time I had my driver’s license barely a year and a tour of 1500 km track length with the passengers are constantly falling asleep was not so easy. This tour was one of the best, as many unforgettable things happened.




Happy Coaster mit Vekoma

[Day 1] Heide Park

[Day 2] Attractiepark Slagharen, DJH Nettetal

[Day 3] Toverland, Hotel Formule 1 Antwerpen Nord

[Day 4] Walibi Belgium, Hotel Formule1 Gent

[Day 5] Plopsaland De Panne, Hotel Formule1 Waalwjik

[Day 6] Efteling, Vakantiepark Walibi World

[Day 7] Walibi World