The Six Flags of Texas

If we want to talk about the big chains in the amusement park industry, we have to talk about Six Flags and there is no better place to start than Six Flags Over Texas. The park in Arlington nearby Dallas opened its doors in 1961 after a short planning phase of just two years. The real estate developer Angus G. Wynne, Jr. wanted a park like the just opened Californian amusement park Disneyland in his home state of Texas.  The initial idea of the park was to show Texas under six flags – the title quickly changed to Six Flags Over Texas, as Texas can’t be under anything. The six flags represent the six nations that have governed Texas during its history: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States of America, and the Confederate States of America.

Interestingly, the park was never intended to last for long. With more than 8000 visitors on the first day of operation, Six Flags Over Texas was an initial success and was set to stay. With the investment of the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central Railroad two more parks (Six Flags Over Georgia (1967) and Six Flags Over Mid-America (1971)) were constructed. In the following years Six Flags continued to grow by acquiring… Weiterlesen

Jungle Jack’s Zoological Garden

Powell, just slightly north of the city of Columbus, is home to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Covering an area of ​​234 hectares, the park offers everything that appeals to the common friend of animal parks, as well as amusement park enthusiasts, golf veterans and water park fetishists. In other words, the park offers something for everyone, but the individual components are more interesting for one or the other group of people. The experience can further be spiced up by a bunch of up-charge attractions.

The really promising water park Zoombezi Bay and the golf club Safari Golf have their own gate and are therefore a topic on their own. In this report, we concentrate on the actual animal park, as well as the amusement park Jungle Jack’s Landing. Since the zoological garden opened its doors in 1929, we start with the older amusement park, which startet in 1886 as the trolley park Wyandot Lake.

In the 1940s, a showman bought the grounds to use it as a winter storage. A short time later, the theme park Gooding Zoo Park opened. In 1956 the roller coaster Jet Flyer premiered, which still can be experienced today as the Sea Dragon. After the death of the showman in 1983, the park fell into the… Weiterlesen

On a sleigh ride with Heidi

Without a theme park the trip from Germany to England is somehow too long and too boring. Since I was already visited Efteling just before Christmas and I had to go through the winter hustle and bustle without a ride on the Bobbaan, I drove to the Belgian coastal town of De Panne, where Plopsaland De Panne holds its Winter Plopsaland Event for more than 10 years. 

The main reason for the visit was the roller coaster Heidi – The Ride, which I could only visual inspect during my last visit. As the theme area of the wild sleigh ride was still under construction, the area resembled a gray concrete complex rather than a colourful Swiss village. I was also very curious about the restrictions during the park’s winter operation.

The first impression of the event was quite positive. The park is very nicely decorated and even has a Christmas plop at every corner of the park. However outside the entrance, this design gets very repetitive. On the other hand, the number of rides in operation is significant. Winter events are nice and good, but if nothing is in operation you can skip the event. In the morning, it truly looked like that. In the afternoon, all rides – with exception of the park’s… Weiterlesen