Fast-paced downhill action on the Alpsee Coaster

The Alpsee Coaster is a very exotic alpine coaster of the manufacturer Wiegand for me as a north German roller coaster fan, as it is located quite far away from any (relevant) tourists destinations; that means: It is located at the end of the world or as the south Germans like to say in Buxtehude. Without another reason, I would not have been able to pass near Kempten (Allgäu) so quickly, which is why the visit came into being after a refreshing session of whitewater rafting on the Iller river by the provider MAP-Erlebnis. My English buddy William was with me on the trip down south. On the way there – triggered by the end of the school holidays in Bavaria – we had to go through 5-6 hours of traffic jam and countless construction sites.  

After a night in a hotel we went to the Alpine Coaster, which impresses with its location – directly at the Alpsee. It was a cold, rainy day and except for a few brave hikers there were no visitors; at least nobody was to be seen on the 2700m long track of the Alpsee Coaster. The temperature became lower and lower with every meter of the ascent. At the top, the rain started to fall. Thus, instead of a ride we first visited the cabin Bärenfalle, where we … Weiterlesen

We have to talk about Karl

We normally don’t speak about landlords, but we have to make an exception for the Dahl family, as they started to run small amusement parks along the German coast line of the Baltic Sea. As they are also prominently represented in many areas of Brandenburg, you also have a Karls Erlebnis-Dorf (named after the grandfather Karl Dahl) located nearby Berlin in Elstal.

The Dahl family are farmers specialised on strawberries. Similar to the Staveley family of Lightwater Valley, Robert Dahl searched for ways to attract more and more people onto their property in Rövershagen, as their farm shop was running surprisingly well even after the harvest. Overall, the mixture of farm shop, gastronomy and playground was very well received. With time new ideas were added and at one point, the amusement rides were built by abc rides.

The good cooperation between Karls and the manufacturer then lead into the installation of the roller coaster K2 at Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Elstal. Due to the success of the roller coaster, other rides then were installed at the other Erlebnis-Dorf locations and its just a matter of time till every one of them will be a go to location for amusement park enthusiast, as the location… Weiterlesen

A wild and untamed beast

Up to now, Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC for short) has usually created new life for older wooden coasters with a bad reputation, but that it would also affect very solid and absolutely great wooden coasters, was new. Robin Hood has been one of my favorite coasters since my first ride in 2009, at times due to the uncertain future of the wooden roller coaster Colossos from Heide Park in Soltau, it was even on the first place of my wooden roller coaster favorites – so why rebuild it? Don’t get me wrong, I am on your side. For the park, the modification has advantages that shouldn’t be denied, be it the lower maintenance effort or the great advertising effect of such a roller coaster. Untamed is on everyone’s lips and that has its reasons.

With the arrival of Untamed, the theme area Sherwood Forest has also undergone fundamental changes and has thus adapted to previous adjustments in this area. The theme area Wilderness picks up the festival theme of the amusement park and complements it with new, hip planting and colourful painted rides. The slick top Spin Excalibur has become Blast, and the formerly discreet looking castle of Merlin’s Magic Castle now … Weiterlesen