What a flashback on Psyké Underground

Although I have described Walibi Belgium as a ghetto amusement park in my last report, I was always curious about new development of the park. Since my last visit in 2009 a lot has happened in Wavre. Starting with the Mise en état of the Intamin Rapid Ride Radja River and the associated reactivation of the long-forgotten water effects in 2010, the overhaul gradually moved through the rest of the park and the swimming pool Aqualibi. The whole park just got back to its former glory, a condition which only a few are likely to know. Accordingly, I’ve been wanting to revisit the park for over a year just to convince myself of the status quo, but a promising and long-awaited novelty kept me waiting until the end of this season: The roller coaster Psyké Underground.

After redeeming our Fort Fun season ticket coupons in the service centre, we went straight through the newly designed entrance area and directly followed the paths to our right in the direction of the roller coaster Vampire. Now in black and red, the coaster lost its typical Six Flags colour scheme. Although I have no negative attitude towards Vekoma Suspended Looping Coasters, the last ride on Vampire was just way too slow and the… Weiterlesen

Feel the Dizz at Bobbejaanland

On Easter David and I went to the funny country of Belgium (Bobbejaanland) to test the novelty Dizz. As the experience always predict, new rides get fairly crowded within the first year of operation. Therefore, we headed straight to the new roller coaster. Unluckily, the ride itself would open sometime later. So we headed to (R)evolution for our first ride of the day.

(R)evolution is the wet dream of all left-hand curve fetishists and of course many roller coaster fans. This Dutch-made masterpiece not only boasts the longest roller coaster train in the world, but also offers a special visual experience during the lift hill climb. In addition, the ride enjoys a certain cult which is of course absolutely justified.

Shortly after the ride, we queued up a few minutes before the opening at the roller coaster Dizz. It was not very long and a small crowd already formed right behind us. After a few test rides it was ready to go. The coaster has a clear potential, but it does not exploit it at the moment. Reducing the speed in the brake segments to nearly a standstill annoys tremendously and the takes away any pace. The spin during the ride is barely noticeable, as well as the theme of the ride. The queue… Weiterlesen

Welcome in the Ghetto

Unfortunately, the Compagnie des Alpes decided to not operate their Shuttle Loop roller coaster model (Turbine) just some days towards our visit to Walibi Belgium. Fortunately, I had the honor to ride the ride back in 2008.

Lot has changed in the park since my last visit to the worse. Although this time the Flashback ran without any problems, there was a great potential for improvement on almost everything. Positively, the remains of the roller coaster Vertigo could not be found everywhere in the park.

Since the crowds in the morning are always go in the anti-clockwise direction around the lake, it is recommended to start the round tour with the most gentle of all Vekoma Boomerangs, called Cobra. If you follow this path you can ride the really beautiful Vekoma Mad House Palais du Genie without any queues. Unluckily, the music was quiet, so that we could hear the drum doing some cracking noises.

Radja River was as drenching as always. When it started to rain, we rode this ride and flashback alternately. There is only one point in the ride where you could get soaked, but it is a quite efficient one. 

The log flume Flashback is one of the best, albeit also one of the strangest, log flumes out there.… Weiterlesen