Heide Park (2020)

You can see that Merlin Entertainments is a little more professional than the medium-sized company nearby. It is therefore less surprising that the Heide Park Resort is also making exemplary progress in its implementation of the Corona measures. The entrance including instructions on how to wear your mask in the park simply works smoothly. In the park itself this is a different game, as many visitors do not want to follow the rules. Masks can be worn at will, often they only cover the mouth and not the nose. Also keeping distance is often an unsolvable task during the course of the day despite existing and clearly visible ground markings. Only in the attractions themselves the rules are respected. This is a pity and only ensures a large number of announcements.

Despite maximum capacity, the measures taken result in longer queues at each attraction. The staff is visibly trying to keep the operation running at its best despite the measures taken. In this respect I would like to thank all the ride ops in the park; you guys are really great!

But as the queues were partly too exhausting for myself, I enjoyed the day with only a few rides. Especially because of that it was a quite relaxed day all in all, where a lot of videos but also some photos were taken:


Offride footage of the wooden coaster Colossos – Kampf der Giganten


Offride footage of the looping roller coaster Big Loop


Offride footage of the suspended looping coaster Limit


Offride footage of the family roller coaster Indy-Blitz


Offride footage of the family roller coaster Bobbahn


Offride footage of the dive coaster Krake


Offride footage of the wing coaster Flug der Dämonen


Offride footage of the launch coaster Desert Race


Onride footage of the monorail Panoramabahn


Onride footage of the round boat trip Käpt’ns Törn

Movie Park Germany (2019)

Bobbejaanland (2019)

Eight years after my last visit I finally went to the Belgian amusement park Bobbejaanland. There were a lot of new things to discover, even if some rides unfortunately left the park in the meantime. The biggest and most important novelty is the Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster Fury, which is the first roller coaster worldwide that allows the passengers to ride either forward or backwards. In addition, a new themed area was created with Land of Legends, which integrates the existing attractions Sledgehammer and Typhoon and thus partly enhances them a bit.