15 Minutes full of Butterflies

The Wildpark Schwarze Berge is one of the two wildlife parks in the south of Hamburg and, due to its location in the Harburg mountains, offers by no means a flat terrain. In addition to various generously designed animal enclosures, you can find not only the stars of the park, the free-hanging pot-bellied pigs, but also a large playground, in which our object of desire is located.

Due to a completely unexpected change in my university schedule, the visit of the park unfortunately only took 15 minutes to visit the local Heege Butterfly roller coaster. This was immediately driven twice, reflecting either the quality of the quite new ride or the (swag) level of its passengers.

A round tour through the Harburg Mountains

Although the northern part of Germany can generally be described as very flat there are also mountains including some very steep ones, such as the Harburg Mountains in the south of Hamburg. In fact, until a few years ago there was a ski slope with a functional lift for the enthusiastic skiing Hanseatic people, who are still skiing in their February school holidays. Much better known among the Hamburg citizens and the inhabitants of the Lower Saxony district of Harburg however, is the wildlife park Wildpark Schwarze Berge which has been entertained the masses with its free-running pot-bellied pigs since its founding in 1969.

Most of the enclosures understandably include domestic deer species, but there are also a large number of domestic cat and otter species in the wildlife park. In addition to other four-legged and invertebrate animals, some birds of prey are represented. These have their own show here in the park, which is very worth seeing, funny and informative at the same time.

In addition to a generously sized petting enclosure with all sorts of goats, which has traumatized and thrilled generations of children, the playground right in the entrance area of ​​the park is the main attraction of all younger visitors. In addition to classic play equipment you will find many products of the company Heege, such as a Nautic Jet, a Luna Loop, a Sky Diver, and a butterfly, which can serve as the first roller coaster for the little ones.