A tropical Shorttrip

For the 100th anniversary of the Tierpark Hagenbeck in 2007, an 8,000 m² adventure aquarium right to the entrance area of ​​the Hamburg Zoo opened. The Tropen-Aquarium continues the tradition of the aging Troparium in a new place. The entrance fee for the tropical aquarium can be paid individually or in combination with the animal park Hagenbeck.

Admittedly, the fort-like building looks neither impressive nor very large from the outside, but the inner values can ​​convince from the first second when entering. The consistently high-quality design runs through the three theme lands of tropical world, cave world and underwater world, whereby the transition is always fluently.

The starting point is the wonderfully designed Madagascar village square, where ring-tailed lemurs and lorikeet move freely through the crowds. In the adjacent biotopes you can observe numerous species of reptiles and other animals of different continents. Via a wooden staircase, the path then leads down into the depths of a mine. Especially the bat enclosure is very impressive, even if you can not bear the stench for long. Shortly thereafter, you find yourself in a deserted village where the most venomous snakes in the world have found their home. Then you enter a submarine, after which you will find yourself in a large aquarium. This is quite similar to a local Sea-Life aquarium. The Great Shark Atoll is a truly huge pool.

The tropical aquarium is a great place to visit for the city’s numerous rainy days, where you can spend some hours easily. In contrast to the animal park next door, the design of the facility is consistently designed and manages to amaze almost in every corner. Even for the animals, the Tropen Aquarium is a great place to stay.